Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Framed Nine Patch Video by TeaQuilts

I'm honored and flattered!

A few months ago I gave a trunk show at Tea's guild, and I showed my Framed Nine Patch quilts as well as my Cut and Shuffle Quilts from my book.
Original Framed Nine Patch, 2004

Framed Nine Patch, 2005, Baby Gift for Coworker

Tea - of TeaQuilts - leads a Scrap Club and she chose my Framed Nine Patch for her group to make. She used my tutorial, then she made a video to show them how she made her version.
You can see her video here:
Screen Capture from Tea's Video

Tea does a wonderful job of explaining her fabric and color choices, and I love her palette and how her fabrics work together. She also adds tips for managing seam allowances, and for arranging blocks without a design wall. I highly recommend you check out her video.

Here's a screen capture from the video of her blocks all laid out. She made her version a little bigger, using 13 FQs for a 3 x 4 block layout, 36" x 48".
Tea's Blocks Laid Out (Screen Capture from Video)

My friend Cherie of the Quilted Jonquil is a member of Tea's scrap club and she made a Framed Nine Patch, using her signature thrifted shirts. So cute! check it out here.

My Framed Nine Patch tutorial is in two parts. Part 1 here is all about fabric selection and making the starter framed squares. Part 2 here is about cutting the starter blocks, shuffling the parts, arranging them back together, and adding an optional border.

I've made several F9Ps over the years - they make great baby quilts. Here are the most recent:
Peach Combo, Baby Gift in Nursery Colors

F9P with Border, Tutorial Sample

In Tea's video she mentions my book, Cut and Shuffle Quilts. Thanks so much, Tea, for supporting a fellow quilter and promoting my book. 

The Framed Nine Patch was actually the precursor to the cut and shuffle concept. If you're interested in making parent blocks, cutting them up, shuffling the parts, and creating something totally new from the parts, check out the Cut and Shuffle Quilts tab above. If you're interested in purchasing a book, please leave me a comment. 


  1. How exciting! I liked seeing your pattern in the different colors as well.

  2. Thanks Jan. I'm sharing your post on my Facebook group. I love how Cherie's turned out (I went to the link provided above). I hope others appreciate this free tutorial you've provided. It's a great technique for a fast and beautiful quilt.

  3. Tea did a beautiful job with the colors in her version. How fun to see your pattern in action so to speak.