Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CSQ Fabric Swap

Last night my guild held our annual Fabric Swap social meeting, always a fun event. The way it works is, you bring whatever you want to de-stash, and you take home whatever you want. This year's fabric swap was special because it included the stash of our late friend Kathleen, who had a deep stash and excellent taste.

Two dining tables, three card tables, a folding table, and a credenza were all filled like this. Everyone circulated and took whatever they wanted, and everyone came away a) satisfied, and b) taking home more than they swore they would. I don't know how many times I heard "Oh, I really don't need anything, but..." as someone picked up yet another piece of fabric.

I de-stashed 16-3/8 yards, some of which was promptly snarfed up by a couple of close friends. I was specifically looking to get backing for my Boomerang Patches baby quilt - I even took swatches with me for color.

I restrained myself - I really did. I found the perfect light aqua for backing and there's enough I won't have to piece it. I should have stopped there, but a few other pieces called my name.

I haven't counted the yardage yet, but I'm sure there's quite a bit. There's a 4-yard piece of navy print that would work for backing for a QOV. A 1-1/2 yard piece of pastel print, good for backing for a donation quilt. And a bunch of smaller pieces, just because I liked them, no specific purpose in mind.

Any fabric that was left over, and there's always some, goes to Charity Sharity where it's used by charitable groups. The only things remaining at the hostess's house were threads, lint, empty tables, and leftover desserts.

Best of all it was a fun evening with my friends, a social event we look forward to every year. So I'm sharing this story at Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts today.


  1. You were very restrained :) I really like the b/w cherry piece, glad you took it and the leaf print looks like you ;-)

  2. Oh what a fun way to share with your friends. But, leftover fabric AND leftover dessert? How does that happen. :)