Friday, November 15, 2013

More STLMQG Pillow Covers

I forgot to show these on the blog before I turned them in to STLMQG for the pillow drive (info here).  These will be donated to a local cancer center; each patient will get to select a pillow to keep.  We're shooting for 1000 pillows by Valentine's day.
Pillow covers for STLMQG  Cares

The fabric is vintage, donated by a member of the Sew Bee It  bee, from an unknown source. I fussy-cut it so the pattern would be centered on the pillow cover. I think it has a more masculine appeal than some of the Modern fabrics, and we're short of masculine-looking prints for male patients.

Because of its ethnic vibe, I was worried that this fabric wouldn't be perceived as Modern enough. STLMQG is very strict about only using Modern, quilt shop quality fabric for the pillows.

The chair of the pillow drive accepted these pillow covers with thanks and said they look nice.  Whew, I'm glad they're acceptable!

Does anyone know what ethnicity this fabric might be? It's actually printed, not batik.  The same print was also available in brown, and in russet orange, both with black and white like the blue colorway here. Other Sew Bee It members took those to work with.

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  1. This looks great! I have no idea what the print is though, sorry I couldn't help!

  2. 1000 pillows wow!! ya'll are inspiring and for a wonderful cause you are doing them:)