Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stash Report for October 2013 and Goals update

In this month: 40.8 yards - yikes!
Out this month: 20.5 yards

In YTD: 143.3 yards
Out YTD: 115.1 yards

YTD net change: 28.2 yards added to stash

Here are some of the goodies I got in Paducah last week:

Border, accent, and background for the
blue project (already had the navy)
A couple more pale B&W prints - the two on the right are new.
Three more prints for the green project - the ones in the front are new.
I also got some new white-on-white crosshatch prints from the sale table. These will make good backgrounds, but they're a bit boring to show here.
Did I miss the link up for monthly goals?
Here's how I did on my October goals:
1) Complete the applique on the Dresden project.  Not done. My left thumb hurts too much for hand applique. This may have be a slower project than originally planned. I did make some progress though; I got two rows of points sewn down. 5 more rows to go. Here it is with that perfect backing print, also from Paducah last week:
2) Complete table runner & placemats. Done
3) Edit pattern for jelly roll project, named LINKED; finalize for publishing.  Done & published, here.
4) Reconfigure tutorial tab (Done), repost Charmed Snowballs tutorial (Done), & post hidden zipper tutorial. Done
5) Keep up with bee blocks.  Jayne's September blocks (handed out in October), Done.  QF First Saturday, Done . Cathy's October block, Done.  Piecing Group, Done.
6) Participate in pillow project sew-in if held in October.  I'm counting this as a goal met.  The sew in was scheduled for yesterday 11/2, and I participated. I also made 4 pillow covers on my own in October.
I also made good progress on 4 of the unpublished goals related to my book proposal. Quilt #1 is at the longarmer's for quilting, and I'm in the process of quilting #2 myself. The instructions for both are written and most of the other parts of the proposal are drafted.  I will ask for proofreading help and feedback from a couple of guild friends this week.  These two tops & backs counted in my yardage used this month.
November Goals:
1) Biggest goal is to get the book proposal done and sent out to AQS.
2) Keep up with bee blocks.
3) Work on the Dresden project.
4) Make 4 more pillow covers.
5) Design a project for the workshop I've been asked to give in February; I need to introduce it and promote it at a program I'm giving in January. The topic is working with Modern and/or large print fabrics, and the audience is mostly traditional quilters who are a little intimidated but intrigued by some of the modern fabrics.

This Tuesday is my turn to hand out the project at Piecing Group. Actually I traded with someone else; my project is an ongoing one which is ready to go, and she wanted more time. Also, I would have had a scheduling conflict with my original date to host. Now, I'll be able to host in December, no problem.  Come back tomorrow for Design Wall Monday to see my project. 

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Stash Report Sunday. Check out how everyone else is doing much better than I am at managing their stash!

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  1. Jan, if you don't have to do the work yourself, I'd be more than happy to applique your quilt. Seriously, it won't take much time and I would love to do it for you :)