Monday, November 25, 2013

DWM 11/25/13: Flying Geese

I've had an idea and an EQ design in mind for a long time for a project that uses flying geese units. Lots of them. I've finally started working on this project, using greens plus white.

I'm using this method for the flying geese. It's the no-waste, makes four at a time method. I really like how accurately the units come out, perfect measurements with no stretching or warping of the bias seams. And, I really like that there's no waste of expensive fabrics, or leftover triangles that will need to be used in something else.

Here are the units that are done so far:
Green geese, white sky, one way fabric

Hmmm...I have a one way print here.
As you can see, when I use this method with a one way print for the geese, I end up with units going in each direction. Could be a very desirable outcome if that's what my pattern required; I'll have to remember that for future projects. However, I'm using a different layout, and the print in my geese will end up going in every direction. That's totally fine with me. I'm making 20 of these 3 x 6" units.
However, when I used this method with a one way print for the sky pieces, I could not find a way to get them to all go the same direction. So I chose to make sure they all go in different directions, which will work better in my planned layout. I'm making 20 of these units, too.
White geese, green sky, one way fabric

The other prints I'm working with are either non-directional or so busy that when chopped up it won't matter want direction anything goes (see yesterday's post below for photo). So this week I'll continue to make flying geese. I'll have a lot of trimming of little "ears" to do.

Also on the to do list for this week is to layer and baste, quilt, and finish the little D9P quilt.  I really should do that before I work on more geese, but for me cutting and piecing is so much more fun than layering, basting, and quilting.... I don't have an intended use for the little D9P; it's for free motion quilting practice and for donation when one is needed.

I won't actually have much sewing time this week, as I have grocery and Christmas shopping to get done today and tomorrow, cranberry relish to make today, and of course cooking and holiday visiting on Thursday.

Also on tap for this week is to clean up the sewing room. Next Tuesday is my turn to host Piecing Group, and everyone always want to see the hostess's sewing room. I need to at least get the room cleared up enough that visitors can walk in there!  

Speaking of organizing, I have quilting magazines going back for 20 years. They take up too much  shelf space that I need for other stuff, so I need to get rid of them. What do you do with your old magazines?

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times; check out all the inspiring projects others have on their design walls.

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