Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Goals and 2015 Recap

Time to look ahead to the new year and set some new quilting-related goals to work toward in 2016:

1. Use at least as much stash fabric as newly acquired fabric.

2. Complete at least four donation quilts

3. Log WIPs and UFOs and finish as many on the list as possible. Or if appropriate, get rid of any project that I'll absolutely never finish.

4. Complete quilts slated for 2016 Christmas gifts (QF Main blocks, Antler Dance, QF Alt Blocks)

5. Complete Kaffe/Batik Flying Geese quilt

6. Participate in Hands to Help

7. Participate in Christmas in July blog hop

8. Blog at least twice a week

9. Design a bee block (for October) that's forgiving and beginner-friendly

10. Don't stress. Quilting is my hobby, not a business, so no need to feel guilty about not doing more to monetize it.

That last one is important. I've been on the fence for over a year about whether to make quilt-related activities a business or keep it a hobby. The reality is, book and pattern sales will never generate enough to make all the effort needed to make it a business worthwhile. After much discussion with my DH, I've decided to keep it a hobby. That way I'll be able to enjoy quilting, not worry about deadlines and marketing and expenses. I may continue to write patterns occasionally, just because I can and I enjoy it. I'll definitely take advantage of any teaching or trunk show opportunities that arise. But I'm not going to stress over making money from quilting.

I didn't set overall goals for 2015, just monthly goals. Let's see how December went:
1. Finish texture quilt for CJ.  DONE
2. Write tutorial for texture quilt for blog. Wrote brief instructions, no pics.  Also wrote tutorial for easy practice quilt top (See #5).
3. Learn how to use new sewing machine. Still working on this but it's getting much less frustrating.
4. Layer, baste, & quilt at least one WIP. Layered & pin-basted Antler Dance but did not quilt it.
Need to get more comfortable with new machine first. Made & quilted a practice project to become familiar with new machine.
5. Design something new to use up some stash. Made top, backing & binding for practice quilt from stash.
6. Keep up with bee blocks. DONE

January 2016 Specific Goals:
1. Assemble Dancing Plus top
2. Quilt and bind Antler Dance
3. Locate and make list of UFOs and WIPs; prioritize them for completion.
4. Complete one WIP (if still in piecing stage, complete the flimsy; if already a flimsy, get it quilted and bound)
5. Keep up with bee blocks

And how did I do at managing the stash in 2015? The goal was net zero/break even. Um, no, I added a few yards more than I used.

2015 Yardage IN:  160-1/4 yards
2015 Yardage OUT: 145-1/8 yards
2015 net change: 15-1/8 yards added to stash.

Still, 145 yards is a lot used. What did I accomplish? Here they are in roughly chronological order:
Baby quilt for CJ's mom

Baby quilt for CJ's Dad


Plus Dash

Hands to Help

Bumper pads
Gramercy and Friends

Large handbag/small tote

Donation quilts using batik dot fabrics, boy colorway and girl colorway

Collection Challenge Plus

Flying Geese Flimsy

Basketball donation quilt

QF Main Blocks Flimsy
Not shown: QF Alternate Blocks Flimsy

Cut and Shuffle Donation Quilt

Antler Dance Flimsy

Christmas Stockings

Dad's Blankie

CJ's Texture Quilt

Table Runner

Practice quilt

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  1. 145 yards is a lot of fabric to use! Thank you so much for linking up to my goal linky party. I look forward to following along next year as you work to meet these goals. :)

  2. lovely Quilts for a lovely year :) Wishing you the best for 2016

  3. That is a lot of fabric for such fun quilts. I especially love the one backed in minky!

  4. You finished lots of pretty quilts in 2015. Good luck with all your goals for 2016. I sometimes wish my hobby could be my business, but I've never looked at what it really takes. Wishing you a hobby filled 2016.