Monday, December 14, 2015

My Practice Quilt: Fast & Easy Tutorial

So yesterday I mentioned that I've decided to make a small donation quilt to practice quilting on my new 770QE before I tackle quilting a larger project that's special to me. I pulled fabrics from stash, cut big squares, and ended up with this:

At 44 x 58", this will be a good size for me to practice quilting on my new machine, to get used to the feel of it. I plan to SID around all the sashing and quilt a spiral in each 4-patch. This week I'll piece the back using leftovers of some of these prints, and get it basted and quilted.

I think this will be perfect for a tween girl, and I'll donate it the next time one of my guilds has a donation drive. This quilt needs a name. Do you have a suggestion?

This turned out to be a great quickie stash-busting quilt. Here's a brief tutorial. This is so easy, it would be a great beginner project.

* 12 assorted dark or medium prints: Cut 2,  6-1/2" squares from each. (Great for fat eights)
Pale constant (white dot): 1 yard
Sashing: 7/8 yard
Posts: scraps or 1/4 yard

Pale constant (white dot): cut 24,  6-1/2" squares
Sashing: Cut 31,  2-1/2" x 12-1/2" pieces
Posts: cut 20,  2-1/2" squares

  • Make 4-patches by joining a pale (white dot) fabric to each medium or dark square, then pairing up units of the same fabric.

  • Sew a sashing strip to the right side of each block.
  • Lay out the blocks to determine placement and sew a sashing strip to the left side of each of the blocks in the left column.
  • Join the sashed blocks into rows. Press seams toward the sashing.
  • Sew a post to one end of each of the remaining sashing strips.
  • To make sashing rows, join the sashing strips with posts together three across, and add a post at the other end. Press all the post seams toward the sashing.
  • Sew a sashing row to the top of each row of blocks and to the bottom of the bottom row of blocks.
  • Join all the rows together. Press row seams toward the sashing.

Top measures 44-1/2" by 58-1/2". Piece backing to at least 48" by 62". Cut batting slightly larger. Layer, baste, and quilt as desired.

*Option: For a non-scrappy look, use one medium/dark print for all the 4-patches. From 1 yard, cut 24,  6-1/2" squares.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times. Check out what everyone else is working on over there.


  1. Gotta love simple and easy. Good luck with your quilting.

  2. The quilt top came together nicely and I do like how the polka dots help break up all the different patterns.

    For a name... hmmm... Domino Dots (the polka dots really do stand out), Formal Affair (play on the black / white theme), Dozens (12 4-patch blocks)...

  3. Great quilt, thanks for the tutorial. Name - Simply Devin.

  4. This is a great design for a quick quilt! I love the fabrics you used. I see dots and dashes in the fabric, so maybe use that for the name?

  5. Simple but very effective and I think it would look great in lots of fabrics, though I really like your blacks and whites.

  6. Very fun quilt. I agree it would be perfect for a teen girl. I'm not great with names, but how about "Dotty with a chance of stripe"?

  7. Looks like a fun practice piece!