Sunday, December 6, 2015

Not Net Zero: Stash Report 12/6/15

I had such great plans to break even this year, to use as much fabric as I acquired. The quilting gods have conspired against me and led me into temptation, with a little help from my friends. Yesterday my friends mentioned a LQS that's closing and has all their fabrics for 57% off if you pay cash. Who can pass that up? It's in a part of the county I rarely get to so of course I had to go check it out. We all did.

IN this week, 14 yards. I spent less than $70 including the tax, so worth it to take the hit to my stash report!
OUT this week, 1-3/4 yards for CJ's texture quilt. (I'm not counting fleece, minkee, etc. in the stash report, only quilting cotton.)
Unless I can manage to use 22 yards this month, I won't be able to break even for the year.

But at such good prices, I scored some great stash enhancers! First, six yards of neutral backing which I'll use for Antler Dance, and a masculine print I can use in donation quilts.

Some excellent black & white prints, plus a great coral Quilter's Canvas that Cherie found. We both got some of the text print. That stripe will be perfect for a binding on something.

A couple more prints that are gender-neutral for donation quilts. If I'm going to give a quilt to charity, better to pay less for the fabric, but these are still quilt shop quality. Score!

And finally, a gorgeous green crosshatch that Cherie found and thought it was so "me".  And a green because I was looking in my stash in for this shade last week and couldn't find anything.

So I won't hit net zero for the year, but my stash is richer for it, and I'm very much okay with that.
So you girls that are such enablers (and you know who you are!), how much did you go home with?

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  1. What a shame your LQS is closing! But you got some great deals! It's hard to pass up killer deals when it comes to fabric!

  2. I am always sad to hear of a LQS closing, but I can definitely understand the purchases due to the amazing deals. 14 yards for under $70 is really unheard of these days!

  3. You got some great fabrics at a great price so don't beat yourself up. I lust after that crosshatch print!

  4. I don't blame you a bit- you chose great fabrics. There's always next year!

  5. With fabric so expensive it's hard not to buy it when you find it on sale. You did really well. Even if you don't break even, just think how much more fabric you might have bought if you hadn't had a goal for the year.

  6. Sorry about the store closing. You made some wonderful purchases in the process. We have had two stores close in my area recently. So sad. With all your additions you'll be set for de-stashing in 2016! Like the text fabrics. Sandi

  7. Those fabric stores have no respect for those of us trying to not buy fabric! Sorry that a store is closing, I do all my fabric shopping on line as it's really the only option where I am. Great stash additions though and glad you sort of have ideas for them all ;-)

  8. I am a sucker for a great deal. I think I'd better stop shopping next year, and get sewing :)

  9. I think that as you'd already got quite a lot 'out' this 'in' doesn't really count does it?! I love the coral you found, such a great colour and texture.

  10. I think it is worth it! I love what you picked for the backing and the masculine prints.