Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thank you, Judy

I've long been a follower of Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times. A few years ago she lived in Missouri and she was the featured instructor at a workshop held by my guild. During the workshop we got to talking and she showed me what she was working on in EQ. She was working on projects for one of her books, and she encouraged me to pursue my designs and my idea for a book.

Today Judy is featuring my book Cut and Shuffle Quilts on her blog! Go check out her post here.
Judy's favorite quilt from the book is Positivity, which is the quilt that got me started with the Block Mama method and the idea for the book.
What is the Block Mama method? It's a simple and fun way to construct a variety of blocks starting with a simple framed square. Cut it up, shuffle and rearrange the parts, and sew them back together nine-patch style. What could be easier?!!
The Plus Block

Cut and Shuffle Quilts is available directly from me (leave a comment) for $24.95 plus $2.72 postage in the continental US. Or it's available from AQS Publishing and Amazon.

Thank you, Judy, for your encouragement and for featuring my book on your blog!


  1. Wow, how fun is that!!! Inside the box playing with outside the box thinking!! :)

  2. This is my kind of book. Thanks for offering it. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilts.

  3. That sounds like a LOT of fun!! Congratulations on getting such a great idea published!