Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Practice Quilting

I'm so glad I decided to try quilting with my new machine on a practice project before jumping into something special. Here's the top I made as a practice project:

So far I've completed the SID around all the sashing. My old machine had a walking foot and I never got any puckers when I used it. The new machine has an even-feed feature, and I'm still figuring out the best presser foot pressure setting with it. There are, unfortunately, a couple of puckers in the SID quilting.

And the spirals... Tell me again why I thought I wanted spirals??? Oh, yeah, because that's how I want to quilt Antler Dance so I need to practice them here. These are individual small ones in each block, whereas Antler Dance will have one big one starting in the center. Smaller ones may actually be harder; the centers are the hardest part but also the part that I need to practice the most. Two done, ten to go.

The two that are done are not as smooth and even as I would like. Still testing different pressure settings with the even feed feature. The spiral quilting is pushing the fabric around, even though it's pin-basted. I'll have to pin much more closely on future projects. I also tried FMQing the center of one spiral using the stitch regulator foot, with marginal results. It's hard to stay on the marked spiral line, and once past the marking for the center, there's no gauge on the special foot to space the line of stitching a certain distance from the previous line.

More practice needed! Anyone care to guess what I'll be doing today?

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  1. With the even feed system on my 820, I basically reduce the upper foot pressure from the default setting (50) down to 5 or 10. Good luck finding the setting that works best for you and your machine.

  2. A great idea to make a practice quilt something fun in it's own right Jan! My dual feed foot is on a Janome, so I'm no help there, but you are right that larger spirals are easier.

  3. You're practice piece is delightful! Love the touches of color amongst all the black and white. Your quilting is fine; aren't we all so critical of our own work????
    Keep going as it's going to be fantastic when done and you'll be ready for the next

  4. Looks like you've gotten a good start. Your practice runs look pretty good.

  5. Spiral quilting is on my list of quilting designs to learn. I like the idea of a practice piece, a baby quilt would be perfect practice size. Good luck with your spirals and have fun with them!