Friday, May 12, 2017

Finished Flimsy: Christmas Tree Hanging

This was not as easy as I expected to put together. Matching those points meant some seam allowances were more than 1/4" and some less, so the background strips had to be adjusted accordingly.  This was basically an exercise in fudging it to get it to work. No tutorial for this project, folks... But, hey, look at those points!

The finished flimsy measures 77-3/4" high by 30-1/4" wide. It started much bigger - about 92-1/2" high including the top two rows of background not present in the layout photo below. Best estimate, this project used 3-3/4 yards of fabric.

My son was visiting last weekend and we talked about how he wants to hang it. It turns out he doesn't want to hang it on the back of the front door after all because the door swings open toward a coat tree, and he's afraid that wouldn't be good for the ornaments. He wants to hang it on a wall instead, where it's less likely that anything will bump into it. Much safer for the ornaments. And much easier for me - all I have to do is add sleeves at the top and the bottom so he can hang it securely to the wall.

I'll quilt this and attach the sleeves in the binding. Then I'll add the loops for the ornaments last - since those are handwork, they'll take awhile.

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  1. Great idea, great execution. Quite an accomplishment!

  2. Amazed by the points!!! Good job :D

  3. Wow, Jan, it's looking beautiful....and scrappy :)

  4. The points look fantastic, and great news about the hanging of the quilt.

  5. It can be tricky matching points, but you nailed it! What a great idea for a future Christmas tree...when I become too lazy to decorate for the holidays! Well done!

  6. How cute and creative. 'Love that quilt :)