Monday, May 1, 2017

Project Plan for Christmas Tree

My son has requested a door-size Christmas Tree wall hanging. They have three cats and a toddler at their house. The house is small and there isn't room for a Christmas tree. He wants a wall hanging that will fit on the back of a door, and he wants loops in it to hang real Christmas ornaments.

OK, no problem, Mom can handle that.

Here's the basic plan. The tree itself will be like a Thousand Pyramids design. The background around it will be horizontal strips, the same width as the height of the triangles. The greens for the tree and the low volume neutrals for the background will be very scrappy.

In order for it to fit on the back of the door, it can't be any longer than 78" tall and 30" wide. My sketch here is too wide, so I will have to modify it slightly.

I collected some wonderful greens in Paducah to supplement the ones I already have. Lots of scrappy variety! That plaid will be the binding.

To hang ornaments on the tree, I'll stitch loops using the same technique as thread belt loops at the intersections of each seam within the tree. That way they can hang ornaments of any size anywhere they like.

I'll find out what kind of door they want to hang it on. If it's a metal door, I'll sew magnets onto the back across the top, bottom, and a couple on the sides so it won't swing. If it's a wooden door, I'll put sleeves (rod pockets) at the top and bottom and they can attach rods to the door.

They'll be able to display their Christmas ornaments without the tree taking up a lot of room in their home, and the cats won't be able to climb it.

I'll be participating in Sarah's 12 Days of Christmas in July at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, so come back during the blog hop and see what kind of progress I've made on this project by then.

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  1. Wow, this is a great idea for a small space. I really look forward to seeing how this comes together and think it will be a huge hit for others to consider as a project!

  2. Such a fun project! And a great idea! It's wonderful when our children ask for specific quilts or quilted items.

  3. Wish I had had one of these trees when I was newly married. We had no room and we had no money. Your design is going to be great.

  4. Great plan! What a good mom you are.