Sunday, May 21, 2017

Internet Outage and Special Fabric for Eric

I'm posting this from my local coffee shop...

We had a lightning strike Thursday night which knocked out all the circuit breakers in our home. They're all flipped back on and the appliances and devices all work fine, thank goodness for surge protectors. But we have no internet, TV, or home phone. On Friday it was an area outage and they were supposed to call when service was restored. They called Saturday a.m. but we still don't have service, so they're sending a repair guy out tomorrow.

Do you know how hard it is to be without internet (me) and TV (DH) for 3 days???

The upside is, I got a lot done in the sewing room. I pieced a back for my Christmas Tree project.

I dislike making pieced backings, but I have a lot of greens I know I'll never use. Or have already used in something and no longer need the leftover fabric. Like this one:

This is particularly appropriate for this project because it's one of the featured fabrics in my son's wedding quilt, and the Christmas tree project is also for him. Have I ever shown his quilt on the blog? Here it is; it's called Celtic Lullaby. The fabric shown above is the lighter of the two pathways. Remind me, and I'll tell the stories about this quilt in another post.

Hopefully I'll have internet service back tomorrow and I'll be back to my usual routine. Wish me luck!


  1. Being without Internet is maddening. We do just about everything via the Internet these days. Hopefully you get it all fixed tomorrow.

  2. What a phenomenal quilt!! Looking forward to hearing the story.

  3. I'm so glad all your major appliances were OK after that outage, and good luck getting internet service back soon.