Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sashing for Solstice Blocks

One of my goals for June was to come up with a plan for my Solstice blocks. Here are all the blocks, and I plan to use 20 of them.

This is my planned layout. I've used this kind of sashing before for blocks that don't all match and I like how it unifies them.

I had nothing in my stash that would work for the dark stripes in the sashing. The light center strip will be the same pale green that's used for the background in most of the blocks.

Since I already have three different dark purples in the blocks, I thought it would be better to use a green for the sashing. I took all the blocks to the fabric store and auditioned several greens. I thought I found a good one.

Greens, especially olive greens, are tricky. The store has natural daylight and fluorescent light, and I thought the color looked okay. Then I got it home and had second thoughts.

In the first photo below, the lighting is natural daylight plus my Ott Light which simulates natural daylight. The color looks okay.

In this photo below, the lighting is from overhead incandescent light. Much warmer. All the colors look a bit warmer, even the purples, but the olive flares so much it looks almost brownish.

Yuck. I really don't like this fabric for the sashing after all.

I should have known; olives are notorious for color inconstancy, i.e. flare. I should have remembered this from my working days and checked it out before buying anything.

Maybe I can find something else that will coordinate with these blocks. I'll have to keep looking. And I'll have to find another use for the 2-1/2 yards of this olive I bought, since I bought enough for the sashing and the binding.

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  1. I'm glad you did check it more before doing all the cutting and piecing work, though! I hope you find just the right substitute.

  2. You'll find something. I'm always amazed at the difference the fluorescent lighting in the studio makes.

  3. Maybe you can use the green in your backing. If not, a use will pop up at some point. And, yes... thankfully you hadn't started cutting your sashing strips.

  4. What a difference lighting makes! I thought you had nailed it in that first picture. I hope you find just what you're looking for.

  5. Some colors are so tricky to work with. Hope you find a good alternative.

  6. I know you already have a few purples in the blocks, but I think I'd still use a purple - or maybe a deep green?