Monday, August 21, 2017

Back to Emerald Isle

Now that Marty's quilt is finished and shipped off, I can get back to one of the projects I had planned to work on this month, Emerald Isle.

This is where I left off, with most of the main blocks and a few of the alternate blocks completed:

Since then I've been able to finish the main blocks, the ones with pieced blocks in the center. I'm planning a 5 x 6 block layout, so I need 15 each of the main blocks and the alternates.

12 of these blocks were main blocks from a BOM series at my LQS. The centers of three of them were also from the BOM series, but they were supposed to be alternate blocks. I made them main blocks by adding my own frames from stash, green-blue-green.

Instead of pieced alternate blocks I'm using a constant fabric for the centers, and framing them with blue-green-blue strips from the BOM alternate block kits.

Time to dig into my stash and find some more blue and green prints I can use to frame a few more blocks.

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  1. OH yay - I really like that color combo - have fun!

  2. Love the color combination. It's fun to make the blocks your own instead of doing what everyone else is doing.

  3. They are looking great together. I hope you found what you needed in your stash!