Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Emerald Isle BOM blocks

My LQS will soon wrap up a BOM series called Emerald Isle. We get our last block kit this Saturday. Each month there's a main block and an optional alternate block. I've made all the main blocks and stayed caught up with the series, but I held off making the alternate blocks. I was hoping a plan to make them and the resulting quilt more my own would emerge. Here are all the main blocks through July.

Each block has a pieced center and a framed border with cornerstones that create an Irish Chain effect. The alternate blocks were supposed to be more of the same, with different pieced centers.

I decided to make my alternate blocks using a constant fabric that harmonizes with all the colors in the blocks. I'm using the kits for the frames around my constant fabric, which you can see at the top of the photo above. Here are the ones made so far:

These are not arranged in any final layout; I need to make more pieced blocks and alternate blocks for a 5 x 6 block layout, 30 blocks, 15 of each.

I'm auditioning dark sashing that will continue the Irish Chain effect. Dark blue? Navy? Dark green? Do you have a suggestion?

Not sure I'm loving that chartreuse color, but when there's more similar shades in more of the alternate blocks I think it'll be okay. Do you subscribe to the "When in doubt, take it out" school of thought, or, "When in doubt, add more?"

I'll use the pieced block centers from some of the alternate block kits for the three extra main blocks needed, with frame fabrics from my stash. I'm also using stash fabrics for some of the alternate block frames. But I need more of the ecru cornerstone fabric before I can make any more, so I'll pick some up Saturday.

This green and blue color combo is so not my usual style - after all, it's the shop's series which is a mystery until she presents each month's block - but it's kind of pretty and I do like that crosshatch fabric from my stash with these blocks. And it's using up a bit of stash, in addition to the kits.

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  1. I like the crosshatch fabric and think that it is looking nice as the alternate block center. I think in the fabrics you are showing as being auditioned that I am leaning toward the upper left in the photo; the navy? I usually try something in 2 or 3 spots and if I'm not liking it, then I change it out. At that point just adding more usually makes me more unhappy.

  2. I like your fabric for the alternate block and at first glance my eye immediately went to the main blocks. This means the alternate blocks add so much real estate to the quilt without any distraction. I think the light fabric might be a good choice for the sashing since it isn't a color on the edge of any of the blocks.

  3. I love it! I vote dark blue for the sashings. And I am in the more chartreuse camp!! But then, I love any shade of green, the limier the better!!

  4. In the last picture it's the drab green that bothers me, but it could just be your lighting. Definitely like the navy sashing.

  5. When in doubt add more for me :). At first I was thinking dark sashing all the way but I'm kind of liking Wanda's suggestion. She has fabulous color sense so I seriously considered it....

  6. Oh I like it!!! I like the navy sashing - it brings brightness to the quilt

  7. Beautiful blocks. The whole quilt has a restful feel to it. I'd lean towards navy or dark green for the sashing.