Friday, August 25, 2017

Sashing for Emerald Isle

A few weeks ago I had some of the Emerald Isle blocks made and I was auditioning sashing on my design wall. I definitely want it to continue the Irish chain effect.

Wanda from Exuberant Color, whose color sense I admire greatly, suggested a light sashing with the white cornerstones. I tried to find something that would work, but nothing was working for me. I like the contrast of a dark shade better, leaning toward navy. I asked my friends who are also doing this BOM at our LQS for their opinions, and they were in agreement that a dark color would be better. I found this and they all concurred.

I can fussy cut the sashing pieces I need from those vertical stripes. The stripey repeat is about 3/16" wider than I need, so I can cut my strips and trim away the extra darkest part.

This is tedious. I need 71 of these pieces and I'm afraid to stack and cut in case the stripey print is crooked. So I'm cutting one strip at a time....

If I add a sashing strip to one side of each block, I can lay the blocks out and determine which blocks need strips on the other side.

Sewing the strips onto the blocks is going to take awhile, and I have some non-quilty things going on, so I don't know how quickly I'll get the sashing done. I'll just keep plugging away at it as I get a chance.

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  1. I really like the dark navy print you found, and I can understand your hesitation to cut them all at once. I'm hoping the non-quilting things going on in your life are OK.

  2. I really love the dark sashing strip and the way it sets off the blocks. Even just sewing one strip here and one there will add up.

  3. I agree, the dark sashing just makes it.

  4. I always get compliments on my fussy-cut sashings. Yes, it's hard, but well worth the effort.

  5. I like the dark sashing. Hope you get a chance to finish off adding all the strips.

  6. I have a thing for navy in backgrounds so could happily go with what you have chosen. I think it will pop nicely against the chain effect and make it stand out more!