Wednesday, August 23, 2017

More Emerald Isle Progress

The alternate blocks are coming along, I've made a few more towards the 15 I need. I just stuck them onto the wall over the main blocks.

A couple weeks ago I was concerned about the chartreuse in some of the blocks, but now that more main blocks and alternate blocks are made and more of them have that yellow-green in them, I'm not concerned, I think it'll be fine.

The frames for the alternate blocks are from the BOM alternate block kits, and they're supposed to be blue-green-blue. That one with the teal frame bugs me, too green. There's a main block that should have a green outer frame and its frame reads blue, so I think I'll fix that one, too. Here are the two that bug me:

Much better:

So, back to making alternate blocks...  Here are all 15, completed.

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  1. I'm so glad that the chartreuse worked out for you in the end and you only needed to re-work two blocks to get a good color balance. I like where this one is going!