Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bloggers Quilt Festival: Christmas Tree

It's time once again for Bloggers Quilt festival, hosted by Amy from Amy's Creative Side.

My first entry is the Christmas Tree hanging I made for my son. It's almost life size, and it's made so that real ornaments can be hung on it.
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging with Real Ornaments

This project came about because my son requested something for the home he shares with two friends, 3 cats, and a two-year-old. They just don't have space for a real Christmas tree.

Quilted Tree with Star Ornament Used as a Topper

This was easy to make, pieced with just triangles and strips.  Great way to use up a variety of green prints and low volume fabrics.
Pieced with 3" Triangles and Strips

I quilted it in the ditch around the triangles and added straight line quilting to the background. To attach the ornaments, I stitched thread loops that the ornaments can hook into at all the triangle intersections. You can see the pickle hooked below, and the star topper in the photo above.
Ornaments Hanging from Thread Loops

Although the photo at top shows this wall hanging attached to a door with magnets, it will actually be hung on a wall. It has two sleeves on the back, top and bottom, and pieces of wood sanded smooth for hanging. By adding an extra sleeve at the bottom, the tree can be firmly attached to the wall so cats and kids can't do too much harm.

This will be an early Christmas gift, to be presented at Thanksgiving, so I made a pillowcase-style bag that the rolled up tree can be stored in which also serves as a gift bag.
Gift Bag / Storage Bag / Dust Cover

For more about this Christmas Tree wall hanging, visit my earlier posts  O Tannenbaum  and the tutorial at  O Tannenbaum Tutorial.

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  1. Your Christmas Tree quilt turned out so wonderfully, and I love the storage and gift bag.

  2. Beautiful! I can think of so many situations where a tree like this would work wonderfully. My dad long ago stopped putting up a tree because it was too much work for him. I wonder if this would entice him to do a little decorating again with some old favorite ornaments.

  3. So cute! What a great gift - much easier than a real tree!

  4. What a great idea. The real ornaments make it simply wonderful.

  5. This is so cute and clever! We moved this winter and I've been sad that we won't be able to put up our big Christmas tree this year. I think I might have to make a wall hanging like this for our living room!

  6. OH, I remember reading this one before on the hop. I loved it then and still do. I plan to make one for my AZ house so we have something Christmasy. Thanks for the reminder. Gosh, I should write myself a note so I don't forget it again.

  7. Smart thinking to add the gift bag/storage bag/ dust cover!! This will be a wonderful holiday decoration.

  8. I love this tree more every time I see it!