Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Red Project: Prep

A number of influences have converged to prompt a new project. Inspiration and color palette - more about that in another post. Suffice it to say it's very different from my usual. For now I'll call it the red project.

Another influence is a group of friends. We all participated in a LQS's BOM series this past year (Emerald Isle), and the year before, and the year before that, etc. We go out for coffee and conversation after the BOM meeting on the first Saturday of the month. The new BOM series starts next month, but we're kind of burnt out, so we decided to just get together for coffee on First Saturday and do our own projects. The thing is, we agreed we have to bring some kind of project progress to show and share each month.

So the red project will be my new First Saturday project. With 13 main blocks and 12 alternate blocks, it's perfect, I can do one of each per month and make good progress.

So far preparations this month have included prewashing the red fabrics and resolving the bleeding issues. Thank you to the readers who suggested Synthrapol and Retayne. I've prewashed all the other fabrics as well.

I tested Dresden plate blocks. These will be the alternate blocks.

And I cut fabrics for the main block. I cut three WOF strips from each fabric, and I think I may have cut too much. There'll be plenty left over for binding, already cut. Just for a little variety, there will be an occasional pop of very dark blue, but this will be mostly a red and neutral quilt.

So I have a project planned and much of the prep started in time for October First Saturday. Unfortunately I have something going on and I'll have to miss our coffee gathering, so this post and Friday's post will have to suffice. Come back Friday and I'll tell you about the inspiration for this project.

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  1. It sounds like a great group to get together, and I'm sure they will miss you at the coffee gathering.

  2. You have a great collection of different reds! This one will be so rich and scrappy :)

  3. Oh I like this project! I've wanted to make dresden blocks for so long and since I haven't quite gotten to it, the next best thing is seeing yours! It'll be gorgeous!!