Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is collecting pillowcases for displaced Hurricane Harvey victims staying in shelters. I made a few:

What I didn't realize is that they wanted them for children. I have almost no juvenile prints in my stash and very few 3/4 yard or larger fabric cuts. I used what I had enough of. I hope some of these pillowcases can go to adults or seniors who are as much in need as kids are.

Most of these fabrics were picked up at the Eleanor Burns tent or warehouse in Paducah over the years. They were originally intended for projects that never happened, or as backings for something else, or merely stash enhancement at the time. Anyway, these have been aging in my stash long enough and it's better to use them for pillowcases now.

So they're on their way to Sarah and should arrive tomorrow. Most of them, that is. Somehow I left two of them out of the package. I found them still in my sewing room when I got home from the post office. Yeesh!

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  1. I am sure the pillowcases will find their way to just the right people. A touch of handmade with care will hopefully go a long way.

  2. As with any effort such as this, they should be happy to receive all of these beautifully made pillow cases. And, I agree......adults and seniors are just as much in need at this time. I applaud your efforts!

  3. Some of the older kids prefer soothing to bright, so I'm sure these will meet a need somewhere.

  4. They will all get used so do not fret about it too much. All efforts count in such trying times as these.

  5. I'll bet the fabrics are very high quality if you bought them thru Eleanor Burns! They make lovely pillowcases. My favorite is the tiny dots with the grunge gray edge, on top in the final photo :)