Monday, September 24, 2018

Starting a CSQ Baby Quilt

The traditional guild I belong to, CSQ, has chosen a new-to-us charity for the next year. I can't remember the name of the organization, but they support military families while the service member is deployed. One of the things they do is provide baby showers to expectant parents. So we at CSQ are making baby quilts.

I pulled a cute stripe from my stash which actually came from the most recent CSQ fabric swap. Gender neutral with touches of orange and green, perfect! A few friends from stash, nice cheerful brights, and here's my palette:

I'll keep it simple, just patchwork squares. I need some easy, mindless sewing.

One of our members does a lot of screen printing, and made muslin labels for us:

I'm hoping I can turn these fabrics into a finished baby quilt before too long.

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  1. The fabrics are beautiful and perfect for a boy/girl baby quilt! Love how auto correct changed “fabric” to “friend”! Kind of appropriate were looking for friendly fabrics to go with the striped fabric! What a nice charity to provide father was deployed to France when I was born. That was many many years ago!

  2. As an Army brat, I really appreciate that your guild is supporting military families! I know my mother felt really isolated when my brother and I were babies back in the '60s. A lovely quilt would have been warmly appreciated :)

  3. These are great prints for a baby quilt. That stripe is a perfect starting point for a baby quilt.

  4. A very fun and colorful palette for a baby quilt. Hope you've been able to enjoy some mindless sewing.