Friday, March 15, 2019

Pup Top

Last week I showed the cute pup print for my March donation quilt. Those little guys are about an inch across.

This week when I needed a break from quilting my Pickle Dish quilt, I pieced a baby quilt top. 

Meh - It's fine, a bit boring. Too many lights, and too even. It doesn't feature the cute print as much as I would have liked. It'll still work fine for a donation quilt for Operation Shower or Project Linus.  I have enough of the pup print left for the backing, but maybe I'll back this top with something else and try to use the cute pup print in another top. 

Not every quilt is a work of art. At least figuring out what's wrong is a learning experience. 


  1. I think the mix of dark and light is good but perhaps not to hold their own against the brighter pup print. It most definitely isn't meh!

  2. This quilt will be well-loved by someone. It’s bright and happy; not meh at all.

  3. I would use the pup print on the back and possibly the binding (or else one of the blues in the coins). I agree - some of our quilts are more spectacular than others, but even the more "ordinary" ones make great gifts and bring smiles to faces. No worries and NOT meh.

  4. I'm sure someone will love this quilt. Many people like simple designs and the colours work well together. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.