Wednesday, March 20, 2019


The challenge is to pick one "spoke" of the color wheel and use only that color, neutrals, and possibly one accent color. We'll be directed to make a block each month in accordance with the skill or assignment of the month.

My color is yellow-green, and I can use all values ranging from Chartreuse to Olive. This month's assignment was to make some sort of a Plus block. For my main 12" block this month I chose the Have Faith block by Jaime at L'Fair Quilts.

I made a few extra smaller blocks. My plan is to combine them all in a sort of Gypsy Wife type layout, so each month I make a few filler blocks.

February's challenge was triangles:

January's theme was Nine Patch (anything using a nine-patch grid):

It should be interesting to see this project develop as the year progresses. I have a beautiful bold  magenta picked out for my accent color if I decide to use it; so far I haven't needed to, but it's available in case I want it. My yellow-greens are actually much brighter and prettier than they look in these gloomy indoor winter photos.


  1. I love that idea of using the one color! Your blocks are really cool!

  2. Magenta sounds like a great accent color, and it will be fun to see if and when you use it along the way!

  3. Love all of your blocks, especially the "Have Faith" Blocks -- I kit several of these blocks to sew them in between projects. Thank you for choosing this block!