Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Quilting "Goodnight, Darleen!"

Putting a New Skill to Use

Much of the quilting is easy walking foot SID or Organic Wavy Lines which I can program my machine to do so all I have to do is sew straight and the lines come out wavy. For the corner assemblies, I think this will work well.

For the medallion portion, I'm quilting spirals in the circles and squares in the Economy blocks. There was a method to my madness of learning to quilt spirals on the Paddingtom Bear baby quilt last week; I knew I would need a spiral motif for this quilt.

Simple stippling for the background, to flatten it and let the green areas pop.

I may come back and add more wavy lines in the corner areas; the quilting is less dense there than everywhere else. We'll see when I get it the whole thing quilted if it needs any more.


  1. Looking good!!!!!! I need to get over my fear of Sophie & I having problems and start and Julie are improving by leaps and bounds and it's inspiring.

  2. I never would have known that quilted your first spirals only last week!! You are a natural. Your Goodnight, Darlene! quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  3. Best advice Chris gave me when I started was "just keep stitching" -- you are doing great!!!

  4. Very smart to practice on the Paddington first! I like your methodic madness :)

  5. Jan, just got back on the computer and catching up on some blog reading. I really like your GND quilt colors. Your quilting looks so good. Better than on the original. I should have practiced first on a Paddington first, but because of a timeline it wasn't possible. You are really doing great on your quilting journey.