Sunday, June 2, 2019

May Stash Report and Goals Update

It was a mixed month as far as accomplishments are concerned, with a major change in direction due to chasing a squirrel. Not everything got done that I had on my list, but I was pretty productive in other ways.

May Stash Report:
IN this month: 2 yards (STLMQG  - 1 yard. Potential border fabrics for the Red Project - 1 yard)
OUT this month: 5 yards (Mineral Plus flimsy: 5 yards [20 FQs] )

IN YTD: 58-3/4 yards
OUT YTD: 50-3/4 yards
YTD Net change: 8 yards added to stash

Not bad considering all the shopping I did in Paducah, and I have plenty of time left this year to use more to break even.

Mineral Plus flimsy

Goals Update:

May recap:
1. Put hanging sleeves on the two quilts I'm entering in STLMQG's show and turn them in at the meeting on the 11th. DONE and quilts were turned in.
2. Work on the collaboration project to the point where we can get together again. Worked on it; we don't have a date yet to get together again. 
3. Mail out Hands2Help quilts. DONE
4. Finish a donation quilt, either Pup 2 or Mineral Plus. Not totally finished, but Mineral Plus is now a flimsy.
5. Decide what to do about borders for the Red Project. With input from my AFS friends, I've decided to make the outer border entirely checkerboard. 
6. Keep up with bee blocks and BOMs. Half done; one group doesn't meet this month.
7. Work on hand stitching WIGSP Piecing Group project. YES!!! I got a whole row stitched. 

Other: Jumped into the Two Color Quilt challenge at Color Girl Quilts with a black and white project.
Two Color Challenge: Black and White

June Goals:
1. Remove the blue border from the Red Project and start making additional checkerboard blocks to continue the border.
2. Finish the Two Color Challenge (black and white) project to a flimsy.
3. Quilt and bind the 2nd Pup print donation quilt.
4. Continue working on the collaboration project with friends if possible.
5. Keep up with bee blocks and BOMs.
6. Work on hand stitching WIGSP Piecing Group project.

Also, I'm giving a trunk show program to a nearby guild this week so I have to finish prepping and packing for that.

The June list looks relatively short but some of the projects on it are big or complicated and will take time.

Since I didn't post an update on the Red Project prior to June 1st Saturday, here's the update:

The project stalled because I can't find fabric I like for the outer border. One of the possible fabrics I had was too orange cast. I tried overdyeing it with a blue tint, which helped the red somewhat, but it turned all the browns and tans in the print to olive, which doesn't work at all. It's still a nice print, just not for this project.
EQ rendering of original plan

I showed the girls all the border options at AFS yesterday and also mentioned that I'm thinking of just making the outer border all checkerboard. They liked that idea best. So I played in EQ and sent them a revised rendering:
Revised with checkerboard border

The response was unanimous and enthusiastic. Also, my husband likes the checkerboards in this quilt - he thinks I should have used all checkerboard background and no white behind the Dresdens - so he'll be happy with this revision.

I'm getting used to seeing the graphic without the heavy red outer border, and I think I like the lightness of it. It doesn't look so wintery. When the quilt is on our bed, the Dresden part will cover the top, and the checkerboard borders will hang down the sides.

Now to make more checkerboard units...


  1. LOVE the new approach to the Red Project -- I agree that it looks lighter and less weighed down with the dark border.

  2. Oh I love your black and white squirrel Jan! You described a DrEAMi perfectly: "major change in direction" LOL Thanks for linking up, and also I did add in the Sweet Star post to check your comment on drawing diagonals for no-waste geese!