Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A Few Little Updates

Some random goings-on in my quilting world...

Recently, Wanda of Exuberant Color sent me a very generous gift of pre-cut 5" squares and some yardage  for backing to use in my donation quilts for kids. Such cute prints, and I love the vibrant colors! Thank you, Wanda. There's over 8 yards of fabric here, which will make several children's quilts. I'll share these pieces with friends in my guild who are also making kids quilts.

Speaking of fabrics for kids quilts, I need to make a special baby girl quilt before Thanksgiving. Mom already has three boys, and there are lots of boy cousins, so this little girl will be very special. Mom's favorite color is purple, so I've selected a palette of sweet feminine prints featuring purple with aqua. Bunnies and butterflies, several flower prints, bows, puppies, and bubbles. My plan is to make a tumbler quilt and let the fabrics shine. The darkest purple will be the binding as well as occasional tumblers. I'll get this cut, laid out, and kitted up for offsite sewing later.

I'm participating in Kevin the Quilter's Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt Mystery.

I'm making half the number of units his plan calls for, and I'll adapt them into a smaller quilt than his. I've completed my pieces and parts for Clue Two. My Clue One color was blue.

This week I'm working on prepping the backing for the Checkerboards and Dresdens quilt and de-threading the back of the top. I have an appointment with the quilter on Saturday, so I need to get everything ready to go by then. There are a lot of little frayed edges on those checkerboard pieces, and I don't want any dark threads showing through behind the light squares. There are about a million threads!!!

My traditional guild is presenting a quilt show in the U City library in October and I signed up to make one of the award ribbons. I need to get going on that so I can get it turned in on time. We make them using old CDs and each one is unique. Time to get busy! Here are a couple from our last show; I made the green one. This year I'm making a red one.

So that's it for random updates from my studio for now. I think I have enough going on tho keep me busy for awhile.


  1. Those are beautiful ribbons. The people that win are lucky twice!

  2. Great fabrics from Wanda! And I love the soft purples for the special baby girl. Any chance you'll win the ribbon that you made? Has that ever happened? :)