Monday, November 25, 2019

WIGSP: Kits for Piecing Group

In our last episode, the pieces to create the additional hexies were all on the wall.

The next step was to package them into individual kits for my friends to stitch. There are 11 hexies, and splitting them into top half and bottom half would work for 22 kits. I need 20 kits. This will work, with a couple extra for me to stitch.

Each kit will have either the upper or lower half of a hexie plus one black connecting triangle. That's 10 cut and marked pieces to stitch together.

Each kit is numbered and contains the actual pieces laid out in order and pinned to a napkin. It also contains instructions and a guide with a photo of the actual pieces in that kit.

The kits are all packaged up and ready to hand out. I actually have a little more time - they're to be handed out on Dec. 3 - but I have other pressing deadlines and commitments and secret sewing so I'm glad to have these kits ready to go. I'll hand out in December and get the finished units back in February.

Hopefully I can get them joined into a row and get this quilt top finished by spring.

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  1. You are a braver soul than I...
    On a number of levels! Fiddly block AND passing them out to be pieced by others? Wow!

  2. I know from receiving your orphan blocks that your own work is very precise and meticulous. So I agree with Joy that you're brave to let others piece some of these! I hope you don't have too many "wonkies" to deal with :)

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