Monday, November 11, 2019

WIGSP: Tiny Little Kite Shapes

Remember my WIGSP? Work In Glacially Slow Progress. It's been hand pieced by members of my Piecing Group.  Seven go-rounds so far, starting in February 2008.

It's too short for the bed. I'll take off the top border and add another row of hexies. Because of the light to dark gradient, it will be better to add the new row to the top. I'll have the girls in Piecing Group help once again to piece the additional sections I need. This will be hand out #8 for them for this project.

The hexies are made of tiny kite shapes that form triangles.

Each hexie must be cut from a template, then marked for hand piecing with another template. My deadline to get kits together for Piecing Group is Dec. 4. I need 396 hexies. Probably more, so I can balance out the colors. Thank goodness I still have the templates from this project.

Cutting, cutting, cutting...
Marking, marking, marking...
I just have to keep going.

In other news, STLMQG met Saturday and all the Paint Chip Challenge projects were due. The entries were all pinned on the wall in three categories, Monochromatic, Complimentary, and Analogous color schemes. Members voted for their favorite in each group. My entry won the prize for the analogous category! (Scroll down to Friday's post for the story of it.)
Paint Chip Challenge, Analogous Color Palettes

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  1. Very smart to fit check the quilt on your bed. It sure is going to be beautiful when it is finished. Congratulations on winning the prize in the analogous category!

  2. Woohoo! Analogous is not easy to make interesting.

  3. Oh WOW!!! This is so beautiful and intricate. I love the term WIGSP :-)