Monday, December 16, 2019


My Christmas sewing is done, so I can get back to sewing for myself. My Fan Medallion project has been irresistible. These are the blades previously made:

Once the fabrics are cut, it takes just one seam across to make the blade point. I found that I could use them as leaders and enders as I was working on something else. Now I have a lot more blades made.

These are the two priority prints that are driving the palette:

And these are the wild and crazy prints to go with them. I was even able to fussy cut some of them.

My plan is to make enough - I need at least 168 - and lay them out on the design wall to distribute the prints and colors, then sew them into blocks. If I make blocks first, it would limit how I could spread out the prints. I have more than the three or four of each print shown, but not enough to put them up on the wall yet. I'll keep cutting and making blades, and soon I'll have enough. Here's the EQ plan; the fabrics used in it are not the same as my actual fabrics, but they're close enough for illustration.

With holiday prep and related festivities, I don't have much time for sewing these days, so it may be awhile until I have the layout on the wall, but that's okay. There's no deadline for this project.

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  1. I used that color distribution technique on a recent project. The QSTs were made but I needed to know if they would be on the left, right, of in the middle of the block in the final layout. Sure beats unsewing if you don't guess right.

  2. Oh, I really love how you fussy cut the echinacea print. By my quick count you only have a little over 40 more to make before having fun with the layout.

  3. SEW glad to hear that you were able to make a bit of progress on this lovely project!

  4. I absolutely love making the blades, good thing as I use them for several table runners! I like where yours are headed:) How are you attaching them, hand applique or machine?

  5. Those fabrics are just gorgeous! I kept scrolling down and thinking, "Oh, I love that one! This one is my fave! No, THIS one is! Wait, what about that one??" :)

  6. Beautiful prints in those blades. It's going to be fun to watch this one come together. Happy stitching!