Monday, December 2, 2019

After the Deadlines and Commitments, a Little Sewing for Me

I'm fairly caught up on deadline stuff, so I allowed myself to revisit my Fan Medallion project. This is the one where I'm making blocks using 3 fan blades. Here's the EQ plan.

I started with this fabric pull, fabrics I found at a shop in Pensacola when I was on vacation:

And now I have some blades made in the two priority prints that are driving the palette.

At the recent FQ sale at my LQS, I picked up a few more prints to mix in. I want a very eclectic mix but mostly warm colors. I see possibilities for fussy cutting here.

Originally my plan was to make a couple blocks per month, but I think it will work out better if I make all the blades and distribute them around the medallion layout, then make the blocks. I need 168 blades, but I'll make a few more than that so I have some flexibility in laying them out.

With encouragement from friends, I've decided to use this bold gold print for the background, also from the shop in Pensacola. I have just barely enough to eke out the blocks and borders if I'm careful. No room for errors!!! It will either be successful in a wild and crazy mix, or it'll be a design disaster.

So I've been cutting. I made a template I can use with a rotary cutter by stacking layers of template plastic. And I've been chain piecing.

I'm loving this palette - these are so my colors! And I'm loving the clashy mix of prints, which is usually not me - I'm usually more sedate and controlled.

There's no deadline for this project. I'll take my time and enjoy working on it. But it's kind of addictive and I really want to see how it'll turn out. I won't be able to work on it much this week. I need to get back to the secret sewing for gifts and take care of some other other deadline stuff. But this project is like a magnet pulling me, so I may squeeze in a few more blades as time permits.

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  1. Enjoy your leisurely sewing. We should all be making no-deadline projects!

  2. Definitely your color palette. That one solidy orange blade kinda stands out, tho ... unless you plan to incorporate more solids.

  3. Great color palette. I'm looking forward to seeing a few finished blocks as it looks like the blades are fairly fat.... unless the background piece is fairly small. Time will tell!

  4. Quilting for yourself?! SEW delicious!!! (I just might be green with envy.)

  5. Isn't it great when a project is so compelling that you just want to sneak in more and more time with it? I love your colors and fabrics! And I'm glad you're making a few extra blocks/blades for mixing later. You know what you can always do with a few orphans :)

  6. Oh this is going to be Ah!Mazing!!!!!

  7. Excited to see how that not-plain background fabric plays with the eclectic mix of fabric in your blades. I'm guessing it will create movement and interest without overpowering.