Friday, December 13, 2019

Star Spangled Spiral

Remember this?

Star Spangled Spiral is a QOV that I designed, and my friends made it together. The piecing is simple, just squares with snowballed corners. The magic is in the fabric placement and layout. We had fun making it.

Dar quilted and bound it and now it's finished.

Detail of spiral center:

It will be presented to a veteran that one of the friends knows, sometime after the New year.

The pattern has been written up and tested. If you are interested in the pattern, please leave a comment. $11 includes postage within the US.

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  1. Great teamwork, Jan! Your design turned out to be a(nother) fabulous QOV, with many hands making light work. How do I go about getting a copy of your pattern?

  2. What awesome motion! Beautiful collaboration and congratulations on having the pattern completed, too.

  3. I always love a simple block that makes a big statement!

  4. WHAT a fabulous layout Jan! And teamwork to boot. Love it.

  5. Simply beautiful pattern! I love how the center sets the pattern in motion. And how neat that you made this with a group of friends.

  6. Is the pattern still available? I would love to make this as a Quilt of Valor.

  7. Hi Jan
    Janice from Sedalia. Years ago I was asking about the snake pattern and I had inquired about you coming to speak to our guild . The planes for the event fell through and the guild is having its upside and DOWNS but we are hanging in . I bought your book cut and shuffle and made a QUILT OF VALOR . If I could figure out the technology I would send you a picture. Question I would like to buy the Star Spangled Spiral pattern and I have miss placed your book if you could can you tell me the size to cut the Mother center square and the boarder and them if I remember you cut it into 3 equal cuts but not sure .
    How are you enjoying your new area? Am sure you saw the crazy snow, ice and cars and trucks in ditch last month.
    Thank you Please let me know where I can buy the pattern.
    Janice Young