Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December Stash Report and Goals Update

This is my usual monthly report that helps keep me focused and accountable. I posted about Annual Goals last week, here.

The first half of December was crazy busy, and the second half saw very little activity in the sewing room. Christmas prep was part of the reason, and sorting 40+ years worth of photos into albums has been consuming much of my spare time. Therefore, although stash usage ended up good, I didn't meet all of my goals for the month, but that's okay.

December Stash Report: 
IN this month: 1 yard (FQs from STLMQG ticket raffle)
OUT this month: 4 yards (Secret Santa sewing machine cover, 3-1/8 yards.  Pot holders, 7/8 yard.)

IN YTD - 2020 Total: 101-1/8 yards
OUT YTD - 2020 Total: 135-3/4 yards
Net Total for 2020:  26-5/8 yards OUT

Whoo-hoo, down big time for the year!!!

Modern Bright Sewing Machine Cover for Bee Sister

Neutral Color Pot Holders for Christmas Gift 

December Goals Recap: 
1. Photograph checkerboard quilt for show entry. Entry deadline 12/6. DONE and got the show entry in on time. 
2. Hand out WIGSP kits at Piecing Group on 12/3. DONE
3. Finish gift for Sew Bee It secret santa sister. Deadline 12/14. DONE
4. Make potholders for Christmas gift. DONE
5. Make progress on Dresden fan medallion project. Yes, finished making all the blades, laid them out, sewed them into trios for blocks.
6. If time permits, quilt the purple CCD quilt. NO, not touched. Photos are spread out in piles all over the floor where I usually baste quilts. 
7. Regroup: clean up sewing room, look at WIPs, figure out where I left off and how to continue; set priorities. Yes, pulled two WIPS to work on in January.
8. Keep up with bee blocks and work on WIGSP. Yes, stitched all the remaining parts for the new row of hexies and removed the top border. 

Checkerboards and Dresden Plates

Fan Units on the Wall

January 2020 Goals:
1. Make progress on the Have Faith WIP left over from retreat in October.
2. Do something with baggie of 1-1/2" strips that I've been moving around on my sewing table for months.
3. Add final bottom border strip to WIGSP Piecing Group project.
4. Find or make decision about background fabric for Fan Medallion blocks.
5. Keep up with Bee blocks.
6. Find homes for donation tops and/or quilts.

Have Faith parts on the Wall after Retreat

It may be a shorter or less time-consuming list than usual, or maybe not. Downsizing activities continue to take up some of my time, leaving less time for sewing. We'll see how much I can get done.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Thank you all so much for following along with me in my quilting journey. All the best in 2020,


  1. Wow, what a great year of stash usage! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Happy New Year to you and BEST OF LUCK with the downsizing adventure - and your quilting goals.

  3. Wonderful accomplishments! I too am working on blades...for my Dresden quarter blocks that I need to finish.
    May 2020 bring you health and happiness...and nimble fingers still!

  4. Best of luck on your new year, new goals! Have Faith is such a fun design. I'm looking forward to seeing that one all finished :)