Monday, January 13, 2020

Fan Medallion: the Background Search Continues

Last update, the fan blades were laid out on the wall and sewn together in trios. The plan was to find a better background than this yellow print. I'm afraid since this is a directional geometric, where the block seams come together it'll be too chopped up and distracting.

I definitely want something in the yellow family and enough of a print to read print, not tone-on-tone or solid-ish. I'm going for an allover funky vibe. For my test blocks I used an old print, probably early 2000's and no longer available. I only had enough for the test blocks. This would have been perfect if I could have gotten more.

I've been looking for the right background print since before Thanksgiving. I couldn't find what I wanted at any of the local shops so I looked on line. Over a month I debated, put options in carts and on design walls, eliminated some prints, added others. Finally after the new year I ordered the minimum one yard cuts of four different prints, planning to order more of the one I liked. I need at least 4 yards, preferably 4-1/2 yards.

Option 1: Crescent geometric. I had high hopes for this print because it's a bold but all-over geometric and the color is the butterscotch yellow I'm looking for. But in reality those crescents are life size grinning teeth. Creepy!

Option 2: Safe...but boring dots. Ho hum.

Option 3: Tight allover floral. From a print standpoint this would work well. But the color is much too harsh, too mustard. In reality, the color is even worse than it looks in this photo. So many yellows now are mustard cast, not butterscotch cast. I'm looking for more of an amber.

Option 4: Foulard on a lighter ground. This was iffy anyway, not the concept I was looking for, but I thought it might be different enough to work. It has little bits of  yellow, orange, and green in it. Um, boxer shorts or hospital gown, anyone?

I can't even begin to say how disappointed I was with the fabrics I ordered. And annoyed, because I spent about fifty bucks on prints that won't work and that I don't need, but their minimum order was one yard each.

So I went shopping locally again and convinced myself to expand my vision a little bit. Maybe I could find something that would work, even if it doesn't look like what I originally saw in my head.

Option 5: Daisy doodles. This could work. It's the right yellow cast, dense enough to not look choppy where the block seams meet, and whimsical enough for the overall funky look I want.

Option 6: Autumnal vine. This really complements the colors in my fan blades, but it's much more traditional that what I thought I was going for. It's kind of expected. I really like it a lot, but it will give the whole quilt a more traditional vibe than what I thought I wanted. But it's really pretty with the fan blades.

So, I need your input. Do you like option 5 or option 6 better? Why?

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  1. I like option 5 better because the print is not competing with the colors and prints in your fan blades. It is more of a supporting actor than a star, in my opinion. But I think you should go with the one that you are most drawn to, especially since you can see the two prints against many more of the blades. Maybe there is more drama in option 6, and maybe that fits your vision better for this quilt. Good luck. I'm sure whichever you choose will be beautiful.

  2. I like both, but I think you should go with the yellow daisies because they fit with the vision you have for this project.

  3. I definitely like the Autumnal Vine--it has a lot of movement and is a tiny light print so not distracting at all..It fits for me...but either one really works; it depends on your vision and what your "gut" tells you..hugs, Julierose.

  4. In option 5 my eye goes to the background. I have to remind myself to look at the fans. In option 6 my eye goes to the fans first. I like option 6 more, but do like the funkiness of 5.

  5. Just sent you an email with yet another option - a bit funky and unexpected but definitely one that looks like it might work.

  6. In the picture, vines are too light. Daisies get my vote between the two.

  7. I like option 6 best. The fan blades pop more.

  8. I like #5, the daisies, best. The color is warmer, it’s more lighthearted and feels younger, not so staid and traditional.

  9. I love the vines! I'm a sucker for anything leafy or twiggy, and I don't think it looks particularly traditional. I like that it has more than just yellow and cream. The daisy doodle is also nice, but my vote is #6.

    I have the crescents in purple, and never noticed the teeth! Now I can't un-see it, so I'm glad I've already used most of it, ha ha!

  10. Option 5 would be my vote. The print just appeals to more than the vines and it does have more of the vibe you were going for.

  11. I just love option 6, even if it seems more traditional your quilting will bring it back to our modern times. (I am not a yellow/mustard fan but sure love red)