Monday, January 27, 2020

Fan Medallion Background

I had a specific concept in mind. I searched locally and didn't find anything. I ordered fabrics on line to choose from. When they came, I rejected them all. I expanded my concept a little bit and searched locally again. I found a couple of possibilities.

1. Daisy doodles, the right color and more in keeping with the funky bohemian vibe I was going for. I really wanted something more geometric, not so floral, but the color, scale, density, and non-directional aspect of this print work well.

2. Vines. Not at all the concept I wanted, much too traditional. But so pretty, and it complements all the prints in my fan blades so well. Also the right color, value, density, and non-directional.

I dithered. I laid out blocks on both fabrics at the shop and talked to other quilters shopping there that day. Opinions were mixed, whether I should stick to my original concept or go the traditional route. So what did I decide?

I talked myself into the daisy print. I bought enough yardage for background for all the blocks, 4.5 yards. I treated myself to a yard of the vine fabric just because I like it so much.

And then over a week at home, I dithered some more. I reconsidered. I asked here on the blog for opinions, and the results were mixed.

The more I reconsidered, the less I liked the daisies. I chose the vine print. 

I went back to the store and bought enough more of the vine fabric for background for all my blocks. Even though it's far away from my original concept, I love the look and I know this is the right background print for this quilt. It doesn't fight with or overwhelm the prints in the blades, but it's a strong enough print that it's not just a ho-hum boring background.

I've started stitching the fans to the background squares and I'm sure I made the right decision.

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  1. I definitely think you made the right choice! I love the viney print with your other fabrics. Looks perfect!

  2. So glad you changed your mind -- the smaller print just works so much better than the daisies! I'm intrigued by the square centers. Looking forward to the finished top!

  3. The blocks look fabulous on the background you chose.

  4. The scale of the daisy print was too large for the fan blades. While less whimsical, that vine print is SEW perfect for your blocks! Nice choice.

  5. Excellent choice! Hooray for progress.

  6. Yay.....for making a decision you’re sure of.....and picking my favorite ;-)

  7. Jippieee, love the red vine print, going to be an awesome quilt !