Friday, January 31, 2020

January Stash Report and Goals Update

Not as much time as usual was spent in the sewing room in January because of a lot of other stuff going on, although there were some accomplishments. Let's see how this month ended up.

January Stash Report
IN this month and YTD: 13 yards (4 yds potential bkgd fabrics from on line order.   4-1/2 yds daisy bkgd fabric from Jackman's and 1 yd vine fabric from Jackman's.  3-1/2 yards add'l vine background fabric)
OUT this month and YTD: 15 yards (Strip flimsy, incl border - est 4 yards.   Have Faith flimsy, 6-5/8 yards (not counding block fabrics from others).  Backing and binding fabrics sent along with donation tops, 4-3/8 yards.)

Bright Strippy Race top

I'm annoyed about the amount of yardage added this month but at least I have more out than in. I ordered a yard each of some potential background fabrics for my Fan Medallion and rejected them all. I bought yardage locally of what I thought I would use for it, then changed my mind. So I bought more yardage to have enough of the print I finally selected. This means I have 8-1/2 yards of yellow prints I don't need but can't return. Sigh.

January Goals Recap: 
1. Make progress on the Have Faith WIP left over from STLMQG retreat in October.  DONE, completed flimsy. No photos yet, weather hasn't cooperated. 
2. Do something with baggie of 1-1/2" strips that I've been moving around on my sewing table for months. DONE, made the bright strippy race top.
3. Add final bottom border strip to WIGSP Piecing Group project. DONE
4. Find or make decision about background fabric for Fan Medallion blocks. Yes, finally selected background fabric and started stitching fans down. 
5. Keep up with Bee blocks. DONE
6. Find homes for donation tops and/or quilts. YES, sent five unquilted tops plus some backing and binding fabrics to someone who can finish them and donate them to a good cause. 

Background chosen

Donated top

February Goals: 
1. Hand sew remaining rows of the WIGSP* together and attach to top; add final top border if possible.
2. Start figuring out how to put together the Color Spoke BOM blocks from last year.
3. Layer, baste, and quilt the purple chunky churn dash.
4. Layer, baste, and start quilting Have Faith.
5. Keep up with bee blocks.

I think February will be like January, lots of non-sewing activities going on, so I'm scaling back my goals for what I can achieve in the sewing room. I am going to push myself to do as much hand sewing as possible on the WIGSP, although hand sewing makes my hands sore. We'll see how much I can get done. The project is so close to being a finished flimsy and I want it finished to show the girls who have worked on it with me for all these years.

*Work In Glacially Slow Progress

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  1. Glad to see you cut back on some of the goals - we really can do only one thing at a time, despite what our brains tell us!

  2. You did well on the sewing front with all the house de-cluttering going on last month. Maybe you can use all those "test" yellows to make a pieced backing for your Dresden quilt? Hope February is productive in and out of the sewing room.