Friday, April 24, 2020

A Small Flimsy

Even though I've been bouncing around between projects, I was able to get this little flimsy sewn together.

At 36 x 42" it's baby quilt size, so it will go to Operation Shower when it's quilted and finished. The prints may not be traditional baby quilt prints, but I'm sure they'll appeal to someone, with that sweet little floral and those girly colors.

I have a soft purple flannel for the backing that was given to me by my friend Cherie for donation quilts, and it harmonizes well with the fabrics on the front. I plan to quilt it with an allover meander and bind it with either the coral or the neutral.

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  1. Well, now you've done it -- sent me chasing another squirrel!

  2. That's going to be a lovely baby quilt. SEW glad you were able to focus long enough to complete the top!

  3. They will totally appeal!! I think they are great and love the flying geese!

  4. I think it will make a great baby quilt, perfect little girl colors.

  5. With flannel on the back, this pretty piece will be so soft and snuggly for a new baby! I wonder if Operation Shower is sending items out during the lockdown? I'm sure the new families still need the support and comfort!

  6. It's a perfect baby quilt! I've been quilting and have some more batting cut-offs stacking up in the 50x60'ish range....just saying ;-)