Monday, April 6, 2020

Scattered Projects

Like others, I'm having trouble staying focused and I'm feeling a bit scattered.

Last week I had a Plus quilt laid out on my design wall, ready to sew together. It should have been a quick top, but I got side tracked. I did work on it off and on, and now the pieces are sewn into rows.

Instead of focusing on this project, I played with my stash and pulled fabrics for another baby quilt for Operation Shower. I played in EQ until I had something that I could make using the available quantities I had. I love-love-love this palette. So much so that I started cutting before I remembered to take a photo.

So what am I making with these pretty fabrics? So far, a few of these...

But I got distracted from this project, too. I made 16 masks for family members. And of course I forgot to photograph them. I mailed some out, and on Saturday afternoon DH and I drove around to the local people and delivered them to their front porches. We actually got to chat, briefly, from the acceptable social distance. My BIL has a new office job in a hospital, and they didn't give him a mask even though he has to go into all the nurses stations, so I gave him several. I'll make more as needed; a nephew is an anesthesia equipment tech and his wife is a nurse. The husband of a niece is a fire fighter, and he says they're short of masks at the fire station. I've used up all the elastic I had, so I'll be making tie-on masks next. 

Meanwhile, I finished basting the quilt that was laid out on my dining room floor, below. Since the furniture was already moved, I laid out another quilt to baste. It's still there; I'll get to it this week so I can move the furniture back where it belongs.

Saturday morning my AFS buddies got together for our monthly coffee klatch via Zoom. It was so good to see and talk to my friends! We did show and tell on Zoom and it worked pretty well. So far everyone's healthy but one of the girls is a nurse and she's lost a coworker to the virus.

DH is transitioning to working from home and is setting up an office area. He'll go to his actual office part of the time this week and start working from home full time asap. I'll be glad to have him staying home and not exposed to others, but he'll be very frustrated trying to do his work without all the resources at hand that he's used to.

So this is the new normal now, and will be for awhile. Thank goodness I have sewing and quilting to keep me occupied. We'll just hang in there. I hope you can, too, and that you're staying well.

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  1. I understand feeling scattered. I started quilting a quilt that was supposed to spiral out from the center, only to get to an edge and realize I started off-center. It worked out in the end, but it wasn't what I had planned at all. I'm continuing to make a few masks for family and very close friends as well. I hope that your husband can settle into working remotely as easily as possible and that you can both stay well, too!

  2. Scattered is the key word. For the most part I'm just making masks for the next week or two. But I jump to pulling fabric, then before I've done anything I grabbing something else to work on. I've been getting things done but probably much slower than I would be if I could stay focused. Its a challenging time.

  3. You may lack focus, but you are still making progress on projects. Just not major progress on ONE project! Give yourself some grace and try to remember that's still progress.

  4. It looks to me like you’re making an awful lot of progress, all things considered! I love those Plus quilts!

  5. Scattered is the name of the game lately. Glad to see you've gotten a few things worked on. And your fabric pull is so pretty! I can see why that project moved up to the top of the list :)

  6. Instead of elastic, try t-shirt yarn. Cut the t-shirt 3/4 inch wide, then pull until it rolls on itself. Voila!! One t-shirt could supply MANY more masks. Use it in one long piece that ties behind the neck, it is more comfortable than the ear elastics. I am sure you can find pictures of that style.