Friday, September 25, 2020

Bug Splatter: A Quick Little Finish

Well, that went quickly. I pieced these squares together as leaders and enders while working on my pixelated project. It went so quickly that I ran out of leaders and enders, so I sewed the rows together. It wasn't quite big enough so I added borders.

With these fabrics this is more of a small child quilt than a baby quilt, not suitable for Operation Shower. I used the splatter print on the back as well as the front. 

STLMQG is collecting LEO quilts for first responders to use with young kids in scary situations. I'll give this one to the LEO quilt drive. 

I tried something new for me with the quilting in the green borders. I wanted to learn to do ribbon candy, but my practice attempts did not go well. I tried this, and while it's still pretty wobbly, for a first attempt it's not bad.

This quilt came out to about 42 x 52". A quick little finish and a nice break from piecing pixelated blocks. 

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  1. I really like how the quilting in the green border strips breaks up the crosshatch quilting. This is sure to bring joy and comfort to it's recipient.

  2. Every time you mention that quilt I think of a windshield! The name is perfect and so is the quilt. Some kid will love it.

  3. Bug Splatter - that is a great name!! What is LEO? and it will be a great quilt to recieve!!

  4. Bug Splatter is quite a name for this quilt but certainly describes it. I hope some little one will have lots of fun looking at all of the different kinds of bugs in the print.

  5. What a fun use of the splatter fabric and bugs! (Great name, too.) I like the wiggly back and forth quilting as an alternative to ribbon candy. There is something meditative about it.