Wednesday, September 30, 2020

September Stash Report and Goals Update

 Well, this month certainly didn't turn out as planned. We were supposed to go to the Gulf coast for four weeks but hurricane Sally changed that plan and cancelled our vacation. I expected to do some serious stash enhancement at a shop in Pensacola. Even though I had packed my sewing stuff and projects to work on, I had a limited list of goals for September knowing I'd be away. Let's see how things turned out instead. 

September Stash Report
IN this month: 43-7/8 yards. WOW! (4-3/4 yards low volumes for new LCT project. 29-1/2 yards from quilter's estate. 6 yards from Cherie. 1-3/4 yards wide backing. 1-7/8 yards remnants, etc. from QF.)

OUT this month: 10-1/4 yards (Bug Splatter - 1-3/4 yards total (includes wide backing used for top, back, and binding.) Amber + Olive LCT top - estimated 8-1/2 yards.)

IN YTD: 101-3/4 yards

OUT YTD: 113-7/8 yards

YTD Net Change: 12-1/8 yards out. Still okay after all that fabric added! 

A guild friend had to dispose of a deceased quilter's stash, so that's where most of this month's fabric added came from. My friend had an earlier appointment to shop the stash than I did, and she selected some pieces that she knew I'd like, so in addition to the nearly 30 yards that I took, she passed along another six yards to me. Wow! But I've already put some of it to good use in my LCT project. 

Goals Update

September Recap: 

1. Make progress on the pixelated quilt. Yes, blocks are pieced and center of top is assembled, ready for borders. 

2. Piece a LCT quilt to hang in our family room hallway. DONE, post coming on Friday. 

3. Piece and quilt another baby quilt for Operation Shower. DONE, Bug Splatter, but instead of going to Operation Shower it will go to STLMQG's LEO quilt drive. 

4.  Find a UFO to work on and move it forward. No, did not get to this. 

I really pushed to get the pixelated blocks finished before our scheduled trip. 48 blocks, each one different. It's to be a Christmas gift for my grandson who loves superheroes and video games. (No photos other than this because it's a licensed character; I'm interpreting it for personal and private use only.) I'm really pleased that I not only got all the blocks done, but got them sewn together, ready for borders. 

October Goals

1. Quilt and finish the LCT quilt. 

2. Add borders to the pixelated quilt, get fleece for backing, layer and baste it. 

3. Make another baby quilt for Operation Shower.

4. Find a UFO to work on and move it forward.

That doesn't seem like as much as usual for a whole month; we'll see how it goes. I've had a lot more time during Covid times to spend in the sewing room and Operation Shower will eventually be the beneficiary of several donation quilts as a result. 

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  1. The LCT blocks are very interesting! Glad you got some bargains this month and put them to use right away.

  2. You had a big month, stash-wise! I don't blame you for indulging in some fabric acquisition in those circumstances. And you're still moving in the right direction over all for the year, so it's all good :)