Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 Back in February when we thought we'd soon be selling our house and moving, we had a realtor come and advise us about things we needed to fix up before we put the house on the market. One of her concerns was the darkness of the area between our family room and our kitchen. 

This quilt - my first! - has been hanging there since the early 1990s. Getting rid of this dated look will certainly help refresh that space. 

One thing I can do to add more light to the space is hang a quilt with a lot of low volume negative space. My Log Cabin Triangles pattern will work (shown here, scroll down). Lots of negative space and much more modern. I can make it using colors that will coordinate with the adjacent family room. 

I bought some new low volume prints to add to my collection. These are just a few new ones, as I already had several in my stash. The more variety, the better.

I recently shopped a quilter's estate and I found a bundle of amber, gold, and ochre fat eighths. Combined with some greens from my stash, they'll work perfectly for the HSTs in my Log Cabin Triangle blocks.

These colors are much lighter and brighter than the old hunter greens in my bear paw quilt, and the variety of low volumes are much lighter than the khaki background in the old quilt. 

My goal is to get the top pieced by the end of the month. Lots of log cabin strips to cut and add to these triangles. Check out the 2016 QOV Block Tutorial tab above for the instructions. 

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  1. Not that we are ready to sell, but I've been reading a lot lately about trends and such and I've been trying to update wherever we can -- DH kicking and screaming all the way ...

  2. I love that pattern, Jan! The colors you've chosen for this new version should really work to brighten up your space. Looking forward to seeing this one come together!