Monday, September 28, 2020

LCT Blocks

I've been piecing Log Cabin Triangle blocks for the quilt I'm making to brighten up and update a dark hallway. LCT blocks are fast and easy to make, once all the strips are cut. For a tutorial, check out the 2016 QOV Block tab above. Last week I had all the HSTs made, and this week I added the logs. 

Log 1

Log 2

Log 3

Log 4

And here are the blocks on the wall. 

The top of the layout looks lighter than the bottom. This is intentional. I chose the lightest shades of gold and green for the uppermost blocks, and used the darkest ones nearer the bottom to ground the design. This adds more lightness at eye level and higher where I want to brighten up the room. (The effect isn't quite as drastic as it looks in the photo because the light on my wall is brighter near the top and dimmer at the bottom.) 

This week I'll finish getting the top pieced together and figure out a backing. 

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  1. That's great progress; and very smart to consider the position of the values of the colors within the overall quilt layout.

  2. love! love! love! this one is on my bucket list!!!

  3. This is such a great block, and look lovely in your golds and greens!