Monday, September 20, 2021

Stash Enhancement from Florida

Nothing new on my design wall this week - it looks just like it did last week because I've been away, at my favorite beach. Unfortunately it rained all week. But that just created more opportunities for shopping at my favorite Pensacola fabric store, A and E Fabrics. 

It's huge, they stock everything, and they sell at exceptionally good prices. 

They gave me permission to take some photos. You can see more at their website,  No affiliation, I just like shopping there when I'm vacationing in the area. 

The store is huge, and although parts of it are currently being reorganized, they have the fabrics organized nicely by category, with a whole wall of batiks and acreage devoted to Halloween and Christmas. Those are all large quilts hanging above, so you can get a sense of the vastness. And it's jam-packed. 

For in-store shoppers (not the website) an extra discount is offered on the color of the month, which in September is Orange. I stocked up on a few oranges. My orange and coral selection has been depleted since I cut strips for my Coral Strippy HST and my Snake Quilt. 

What I really wanted to shop for was white-based low volume prints. I struggled with enough variety in my Log Cabin Triangle blocks, so I was pleased to find several white-with-color low volume prints. I wish I'd had these when I was making the LCT blocks.

Of course I couldn't resist a few stash enhancements, just because.... Light prints, not necessarily low volume. The large speckled print actually has a lot of lemon yellow, pickle green, and bright teal green in it. I have a lot of those colors in my stash, so this print will coordinate with them and enable me to make use of some of what I already have. 

The prints below were chosen to harmonize together, all from different collections in different parts of the store. I've been thinking of obsessed with ways to play with the Kool Kaleidoscope method and I can use these together in a project. 

All in all, I had to find room in my luggage for 14-1/2 yards of fabric to come home with me. Looks like my stash report will take a hit this month. Not a problem at all, just an investment in additional resources for creating, right? 😉 

I'll wrap up with a photo of my beach taken during a rare sunny moment.

And what it really looked like all week.


  1. Wonderful additions to your stash! When you described the speckled print I knew you had fabrics to go with that 😉

  2. was that remnants of the hurricane? Still... a view from a balcony of the beach is a good thing! And the shopping trip, score! I have been wanting low volumn whites too... I have conversational whites but love your choices. Just going in a fabric store again... ahhhh

  3. Thanks so much for the great review of our store. It rained even more the following week!! Hope you can come back again when the weather is better, but so glad you had plenty of time to shop our store!! Please check us out online as well. Our full line of notions and suppies are available along with our extensive fabric selection.

  4. How nice to find a quilting fabric store with acreage of fabric. A new shop just opened here and if they have 150 bolts total I'd be surprised. Wishing them well but . . .

  5. Oh no, how disappointing that your week at the beach was marred by rain. I made it to A&E about 6 years ago when visiting friends near Pensacola, but a return trip has not been possible. It was an amazing store.

  6. Fabulous shopping expedition, Jan!! Thanks for taking us with you to the quilt store. I haven't been in months!

  7. My husband took me to A and E Fabrics for Mother's Day. (I live in Tuscaloosa) I was looking for purple and gold fabrics to make my granddaughter a quilt in her school's colors for her graduation gift. I was able to buy a lot of the 2 colors plus some fabric for another project. I am spending the weekend at Gulf Shores but won't be able to get back to A and E. Anyway, I am enjoying working on the graduation gift, and I have enough of purple and gold for a second quilt for her sister who started at the same school this fall:) Nancy A: