Monday, October 3, 2022

Cube Challenge Progress

My project for PCQ's 2022-23 challenge, something based on the cube that looks three dimensional, is coming along. All the background strips are pieced in at the top and bottom, and about half of the long vertical seams are sewn. 

The long seams require a lot of careful matching and pinning to get the points to match, very tedious. But I made good progress in September and I expect to do the same in October. Wide borders of the background fabric will finish out the top to 96" square. 

The challenge is due by the end of February 2023. I'll need to have this quilt professionally quilted, for sure.  My long armer friend is having health issues and is currently not taking in quilting jobs, so I need to find a new long arm quilter. Recommendations welcome. 

I'm thinking ruler work in the Y motifs to emphasize the shapes. But what about the background? I'm torn between grafitti-style quilting, or feathers. Or something else??? Opinions and suggestions are  welcome. This huge quilt will either live on my bed, or hang in my foyer.  


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  1. The quilt is looking great. I think it's magical how piecing really brings a design to life. I'm sorry to hear your long armer friend is having health issues. I hope you get a lot of great suggestions.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! I just made one myself for my daughter, in red, blue and white (grey for shadowed white). I quilted mine all over with 2" circles, totally unrelated to the pattern. I used a completely different method to assemble mine though - the "block" was just a triangle, with 3 trapezoids, one on each side, with a partial seam on one. so each Y was only 6 pieces! It was hard to keep organized, but very easy to sew :)

  3. Jan, this is stunning. The 3-D effect is fantastic. If you look at it flat (like on your bed) do you lose any of the dimensional design - as compared to looking at it straight on? Just curious.