Saturday, December 31, 2022

December Stash Report and Goals Update

With the completion of my big Cube Challenge top, I had a great month for stash usage. I might have ended the year in the black, but the year-end sales at the local fabric stores got me. And it was my own fault - I instigated a shopping trip with friends. After visiting 4 stores, I ended up adding over 15 yards to my stash. Some of that was backing for something in progress, but most was pure stash enhancement. 


Print and solids

Warm Solids

Backing for Stacked Slabs

In addition to what's shown above, I also got three cool solids, but try as I might, I can't get the camera to reproduce the colors. Even the cutting mat they're displayed on comes out looking faded and washed out. 

So how much damage did I do, and how did I end up for the year? 

Stash Report: 

December IN: 15-3/4 yards (Year end sales - 15-3/4 yards)
December OUT: 19-1/4 yards (Experimental FQ project, 7 FQs, 1-3/4 yards. Binding for Race Leftovers, 1/2 yard. Cube challenge top & binding, 12 yards.  Batik stacked slabs top, 5 yards.)

YTD IN: 102-3/8 yards
YTD OUT: 101-1/8 yards
2022 Year end net change: 1-1/4 yards added to the stash. 

Since my goal for the year is to break even or reduce the stash, I missed it just slightly. Close enough, and no regrets. 

My biggest accomplishment for December was getting the top for the Cube Challenge finished and sent out to Alycia for quilting. Such a relief! 

Since then, I've been working on ideas for charity quilts for next year for PCQ's Community Service committee. A double four patch and a stacked slab concept worked, but an experimental concept involving fat quarters resulted in a disappointing top and I'm not pursuing the idea. The four patch will move forward into a pattern for PCQ. 

The Stacked Slabs concept may become a pattern for PCQ in the future, but meanwhile I'll quilt this top and keep it for me. I've been wanting a new sofa quilt, and I really like this, even though it's so simple. 

December Goals Recap:

1. Finish adding the final borders to the Cube Challenge project. When backing arrives, wash and press it. Order batting to be shipped directly to Alycia. Pack the top and backing and ship to Alycia.  Done, done, done, and done!

2. Bind and donate the Pink Race Leftovers quilt.  Done.

3. Continue quilting Candy Land. Progress.

4. Continue piecing Four Patch Shuffle. Progress

5. Continue writing the tutorial for Four Patch Shuffle. Progress; will publish after the new year.

6. Continue working on the experimental FQ project. Top done and donated for someone else to quilt. Experiment was a disappointment. 

7. Prep backing and batting for Shards and put it in PCQ's To Be Quilted space. Yes, prepped, but actually I quilted this myself. 

8. Work on a UFO.  No. Change of plan, see below.

Other: In preparation for a discussion of PCQ's charity plans for next year, I worked on concept drawings and another top sample which I'm calling Stacked Slabs. 

A busy month! Especially with Christmas in there. 

January Goals: 

1. Continue quilting Candy Land.

2. Continue piecing Four Patch Shuffle. 

3. Publish tutorial for Four Patch Shuffle. 

4. Work on plans for prep days and sew days for PCQ charity projects, which includes making test tops and writing patterns.

Only four goals on the list for January, but #4 is a big one, mentally challenging and time consuming, so I'm sure I'll stay busy. I'm looking forward to the beginning of a fun and productive beginning to 2023!


  1. You had a very buys December indeed! It looks and sounds like the shopping trip was a lot of fun, and gosh you were really close to breaking even or using up more stash than you brought in. A definite win, especially given how much you created not even working with your own stash but the PCQ stash! Happy New Year!

  2. You almost broke even on the stash management front, so that's a pretty good year. Congrats on all the progress with your December goals. Wishing you a very happy and productive 2023!

  3. no lack of goals here! I think your stash enhancement choices are excellent, good purchases! Love the backing fabric too. We will never break even, we have to have a critical mass of fabric from which to create, right? amiright? LeeAnna