Friday, December 30, 2022

Stacked Slabs

I've been working behind the scenes to come up with ideas for quilts for PCQ's Community Service committee. A little background - 

The committee preps for and hosts a Sew Day each month, all club members invited to participate. Each month has a theme or a project: quilts for different organizations we support, adult bibs for Hospice, Hope bags for the women's shelter's "graduates," fidget mats, Zippy Strippy bags for toiletries, etc. In 2023, the Sewing Club is taking on the non-quilty projects, leaving only actual quilts and fidget mats for PCQ's monthly events. This means we'll be prepping kits for more quilts in 2023 since we won't be doing other projects for three or four months. 

We've added one more charity to the group of organizations we make quilts for, a halfway house for women coming out of prison. Several of our charities use twin size quilts on beds for their clients, so we need to make more twin size quilts in addition to the throw size and kid quilts we make. Many members of PCQ make and donate quilts on their own as well, and they're entitled to use any of the fabrics in the club's stash for their charity quilts.

My role on the Community Service committee is to come up with patterns for our monthly projects. The requirements are: 

 - Must be aesthetically pleasing
 - Must use the fabrics we have in our stash, which skew older and very random (we purchase white and beige for the club since the stash skews dark)
 - Must be easy to kit up on our prep day
 - Must be easy to piece 
 - Must be possible for me to write a pattern with instructions that fit on one sheet of paper.

One of my recent test projects is Stacked Slabs. Basically it uses 4-1/2" strips cut half-WOF or quarter-WOF. Very FQ friendly. My sample is made in batiks from my own stash. This version is throw sized, 60 x 80" but the concept could be enlarged with borders to twin size.

It's very effective in batiks because they all relate. Whether we can find coordinating fabrics in the club's stash remains a question. I actually like this so much I'm seriously thinking of keeping it for myself, to use on my sofa.

This is one of several concepts I proposed to our committee chair. We chose a couple others to start with, so I'll put this on the back burner for awhile. Or since I'm not sure about this idea with the club's stash, maybe I'll just quilt it and keep it.

I'd love to find a more appealing name for it than Stacked Slabs, so if you can think of anything, please leave a comment. 


  1. I had to go look up the name, but the quilt top reminds me of a Wattle Fence. So, maybe Wattle as a name?

  2. A great concept for a scrappy quilt. Sounds like you've got a reasonable start on your project list for PCQ.

  3. No immediate name thoughts …but I do like the design! I hope you keep this one. Quiltdivajulie

  4. I like it!!! And stacked slabs kinda reminds me of a construction project... I like that its more symmetrical then the plaid ones I did... Very cool!!!