Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Triangle tool used for Mega Medallion

This is the tool (ruler) I used to create the Mega Medallion, which you can see in my Design Wall Monday post below.

Clear-View Triangle 60

Actually I designed the Mega Medallion quilt in EQ7, but I didn't put large enough measurements in and I thought I would end up with a sofa-size throw.  Ha!  Mega Medallion ended up ginormous, queen size, hence the name.  And it required a lot more fabric.  I kept buying black & white prints by the half yard and ended up needing a lot of them! 1/2 yard yields 16 of these triangles.

Not a well planned project...

I cut triangles of several other black & white prints, and then I ended up not using them.  The contrast was too bold, they stood out from the rest of the background prints too much, and they didn't play nicely with their neighbors.  I also had some leftover triangles of the prints I did use. 

So what to do with all these large triangles?  Too much fabric to waste, probably about 2-1/2 to 3 yards, but already cut up.  And I'm so over working with triangles for now!

So I cut some of them down to half hexies.  You can see the resulting size below, but I used a regular straight ruler and just cut the triangles off at 4" wide from the bottom. 

Lower part is the size of cut half-hexies
Then I added in a few colorful fabrics from stash.  This is how they all ended up, not a bad use for leftovers.  I'll probably donate it next time there's a call for donations at one of the guilds I belong to.

I used 20 more of the leftover triangles to piece the back, along with a bold black & white damask print.
It's machine quilted using a walking foot.  I made a plastic template in a circle and marked all the quilting.  Took about as long to mark as it did to quilt!
Binding the hexie shapes was surprisingly easy.  The outer points are mitered just like corners, and the inner points just pivot.  The binding is cut on the WOF, not bias, but it would probably be even easier and lay flatter if cut bias.  The binding is machine-sewn down on the back.
Now back to the Mega Medallion...
I'm seeing my friend the long-armer at a bee meeting tonight and I'm taking the top for Show & Tell. I'll ask her to give me an estimate for the quilting.  Mega Medallion is just waaaay too big for me to wrangle, and I don't have the skills for the kind of quilting I want.  It needs feathers, at least in the white parts.  So we'll see what the estimate is and how long her wait-list is.  This may end up in UFO status for awhile. 
I went back and put the correct measurements into EQ7, and it seems I underestimated the yardage used.  I'll have to correct my stash report for next time.  I'll use wide backing from my LQS; they have the same white swirly print used in the outer white ring.  I'll deal with that on the stash report when the time comes.
Now on to a new project...

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