Thursday, December 11, 2014

Didn't make it into QuiltCon

Broken Chevron

I got the news last night that my quilt Broken Chevron didn't make it into QuiltCon. I'm not disappointed that it didn't get in, just mad at myself for wasting $30 of my very limited quilting budget on the entry. I could have bought fabric with that money!!!

Funny story:
I've privately called this design "Walk Like an Egyptian" since I designed it in EQ and it reminded me of arms and legs going every which way, like that goofy old song. I even started the spiral quilting at the "elbow" because of that. I've never mentioned that name on the blog before because "Broken Chevron" seems like a more descriptive and more professional pattern name for publication.
A quilter in CA is testing the pattern for me and she e-mailed photos of her top. She chose shades of gold with white, and one of the photos shows her top hanging on the wall over her bed, where it looks gorgeous with her decor. She told me she named her quilt "Walk Like an Egyptian."
How cool is that?!!!


  1. Bummer. The quilts that did get in must be pretty spectacular to beat yours.

  2. Cool story! Glad you have a great attitude about not getting accepted.

  3. That's a great story!!! I like your outlook on the "rejection". Too bad we didn't get a free pin, or tshirt or something just for entering, right? :D

    1. I completely forgot to say how much I like this one! Very cool pattern and I like all the greens. :D

  4. I really like this quilt - -the energy of the design is great. Entering quilt contests can make one crazy - I was in a lecture once given by Suzanne Marshall and she related her experience where one of her quilts (gorgeous applique) was rejected as an entry in one prestigous show and then won a blue ribbon in the next equally prestigious show she entered it in... some times there is no rhyme or reason.

  5. Don't be discouraged. I love your quilt. Who knows why the powers that be didn't accept it this time around, but you should keep trying. I had the same thing happen to me trying to get a quilt into AQS. They didn't accept it but it won 1st place on their online quilt show where I won $3500 or prizes and it ended up in a special showing at that same quilt show. So, you just never know why it wasn't accepted....maybe someone was having a bad day or there were too many green quilts already accepted...who knows. Don't think of it as a waste. Just keep trying.

  6. Oh it is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing it here ;-)

  7. i LOVE it..... broken chevron, or walk like an egytian.... either one works....and is suitable.