Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Taking Stock: 2014 year end review

Stash report:

December turned out to be a very good month because of several finishes. The Plus Dash top used 10 yards, the Secret Sewing #3 used 5-1/4 yards, and the Christmas potholders used 1-3/4 yards for a total of 17 yards out. Only 7 yards came in, my winnings from STLMQG and the fabric I bought for the potholders. Pretty good, 10 yards more used than came in!
Some of my STLMQG winnings

So, here are the 2014 totals:
IN: 167-1/4 yards
OUT: 155-1/8 yards
Net change: 12-1/8 yards added to the stash.
All in all, a very good year. I didn't break even as I had hoped, but only adding 12 yards isn't too bad.

Now I get to start 2015 with a clean slate. I doubt I'll acquire or use as much fabric in 2015 because some of the 2014 usage was for book quilts and there aren't any book quilts in the works for 2015. As you can see in the previous post below, I finished 18 quilts in 2014, by far a record for me, and I don't expect that kind of productivity in 2015.


December recap: Other stuff got in the way and I got sidetracked so I didn't accomplish some of what I had hoped to. I added an extra Christmas project at the last minute which wasn't originally on the list. I will need to more carefully consider what I put on the list each month and focus better in 2015.

1. Finish secret baby quilt #3.  DONE
2. Work on project for potential publication. Not touched. Some attention with the seam ripper is needed.
3. Finish Plus Dash top. DONE
4. Work on adding borders to CSQ raffle quilt (top is due to long-armer in January) Not done yet but is absolutely first up in January.
5. Keep up with bee blocks.  DONE
6. Design cover for Broken Chevron pattern in Photoshop. Not done.
7. Design cover for Plus Dash pattern in Photoshop. Should not have been put on the list because the top must be quilted, bound, and photographed before I can Photoshop the pattern cover. Plus Dash is on the long-armer's waiting list and piecing the back is on my list for January.

Other: 10 Christmas potholders for gifts, DONE

January Goals:
1. Add borders to CSQ raffle quilt.
2. Design cover for Broken Chevron pattern in Photoshop.
3. Piece backing for Plus Dash top.
4. Work on project for potential publication.
5. Keep up with bee blocks.
6. Prep project to work on at Girl Scout Camp retreat in Feb.

Year-long goals: I'm hesitant to specify anything because I know myself - I'll jump from project to project, lose interest in something, get a new idea and run with it, etc. So, I think I'll just enjoy the process and enjoy the connection with other quilt bloggers. Oh, and I hope to break even in the stash report.

P.S. I still don't know anything about a date for my little book. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out before Paducah Quilt Week in April.

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  1. Your stash report looks great! Twelve yards more isn't much. Have a great quilty year in 2015!

  2. I look forward to learning more about your book this year, good luck and I hope the publication goes smoothly for you! 12 yards in for the year, given how much you used, seems great and like you basically broke even this year.

  3. Those are some really sweet fabrics! And your goals for January sound doable. It is hard to stay on track! There are just so many ideas! Happy New Year! Come on 2015!

  4. Have fun with your January goals. Hope your book release happens soon.
    Happy New Year

  5. You did very well for fabric management in 2014. You really were productive in making quilts. Looking forward to seeing your book.