Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday 12/3/14

If I worked on a project during Thanksgiving weekend, and the project generated leftover bits, would those bits be Thanksgiving Leftovers?
snowball trimmings

They came from this process:
my work cut out for me
chain piecing
snowballs ready to be trimmed
In other WIP news, my Plus Dash top is coming along. The sashing is complete and now the top is ready for borders, which I'll work on this month. Since it's pressed and I don't want it to get all wrinkled up, I've spread it on the bed in the guest room, on top of the 7 or 8 other quilts that are there for the same reason.
Plus Dash WIP, ready for borders

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  1. Blue and white always look so great together! Looks like you have a great start on something pretty. The Plus Dash quilt is quite nice too!

  2. So I am curious what your plans are for those leftover blue and whites? I have loads of them from lots of projects and I want to find something that trips my trigger to use them up!

  3. Can't wait to see what you're doing with those snowball blocks. I've tons of clipped corners stored away...somewhere.

  4. Your Thanksgiving leftovers are lovely! Any plans to re-purpose them? Sometimes I can't muster up the energy to work with tiny scraps.

  5. I think those are the best kind of leftovers! They don't take up space in the fridge, and last forever. :D I love your plus dash quilt - very cute!

  6. Love your churn dash quilt! I can't wait to see your blue and white quilt finished up

  7. They absolutely are Thanksgiving left overs! That's a wonderful blue, if it's true to the color of my monitor ;-) In fact, I'm coveting your left overs, ha, like I don't have enough of my own, lol.

  8. Your "Dash" wip is a darling and fun quilt.